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New Music to Kick Off Your Weekend Right

Happy Friday my Peoples. It is definitely a good Friday as we just wrapped up our special 1 Year Anniversary Show last night on #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio. Yup, a whole year flew by just like that. We want to take a second to thank everyone who has been supporting WVCC Since we started off in my Garage and all those who have joined us recently and helped us get over 100 Followers on Twitch. The room was lit last night and its only going to get better in the months to come. So stop sleeping and get that Twitch App if you havent already, and give us a follow. Now lets get to this new music….boy do we have some bangers for you this Friday.

Black Thought – Thought Vs Everybody

So Im still picking up pieces of my brain from off the Living Room wall as my Mind was blown first thing this morning when I pressed play on this new Monster of record by the New Self Crowned King of all MC’s, Black Thought. This is the first release from his upcoming Solo LP – Streams of Thought 3. The new album is produced entirely by Sean C, a producer whose name I must admit doesn’t ring any major bells. If this track is an example of what the album holds in store for us, I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with this Beatsmith in the months to come. While we wait for the albums official release on 7/30/20, you can catch up on Streams of Thought 1 and 2. Let me know how many Fire Emotes you give this on a scale from Lit to Lava in the comments below.

Che Noir & Apollo Brown – As God Intended (Full Album)

I told you this was a Good Friday. We’ve been waiting on this album since they locked us indoors for the Covid Quarantine. Mello Music has been slowly leaking singles over the past few months, and everyone of them have been a delicious display of Apollo Brown’s Soulful Sample Flipping prowess, paired with Che Noir’s Dusty Smooth Vocal Tone and homicidal pen work. However, I’m please to report the singles did not even scratch the surface of how deep and honest this album is and what an excellent soundscape Apollo has blessed us with this time. For those familiar with Che Noir, you know the Buffalo native made her name catching bodies over the grimey productions of her TRUST Label Mate & CEO – 38 Special. However, nothing that I have heard the sister on before sounds this Perfect. Apollo Brown’s beats seem to be a Super Soldier Serum of sorts, making every MC who graces them sound like a Magnified version of themselves. Ms. Noir is no different, and actually comes off looking bigger than alot of the artist Apollo has worked with in the past. She is accompanied by some top shelf shooters like Black Thought, Ty Farris, Planet Asia and Skyzoo, and give them all a run for there money on each colab. If her name wasnt making waves before, you about to hear her mentioned alot more often after this album. Just “As God Intended”.

XP The Marxman f/ Daniel Son “Already”

The Lead single off XP The Marxman’s follow up project with SlideBeatz, Sincere Leader Part 2. The first Sincere Leader EP is what made me a Fan of XP the Marxman. Both Beats and Lyrics were razor sharp a deadly. As soon as I pressed play on this record, I could tell they had both leveled up immensely. The sample choice is more addicting than a Netflix series and XP is flipping all over the beat like a Mexican Gymnast on a Trampoline. Daniel Son comes in Bulldozing on the track and completely levels it. Damn You XP…why you got to make the Free Sample taste so good?

Daniel Son, DJ Duke & DJ Low Cut – Season 7 (Album)

If you like what you heard from Daniel Son on that last single, check out his new album with DJ Duke and DJ Low Cut called SEASON 7. With so much good music out today I wasnt able to give this one a full listen, but the first couple of joints I heard were solid and this will make for a good House Work album on Saturday or something to play why you playing Spades, Dominoes or burning something tonight. Let me know what yall think….FIRE OR RETIRE?? Comment Below.

Fry High Day – NoEmotion And The Godz

So yesterday, not only did we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary on WVCC, but we also had a few special guest on the show who were celebrating a great achievement themselves. Im talking about none other than the Golden Masked Gawd and the Invisible Face Filmogropher/ Historian of all things SoFlow Graff, NoEmotion Gold Mask and USVS The Buff. The homies swung through studio with some Locally Brewed Beverages and some “trail mix” that they shared very generously. We chopped it up about his new YouTube Live Series: NoEmotion And The Gawdz, where he streams himself recording a new song almost daily with the input from Gawdz, his loyal audience of mentally Ill Villains. They just hit their 100th Song / Live Stream Recording Session yesterday and I was blessed to be inducted in the Hallz of The Gawdz by throwing in a couple of bars on the song ( A fucking honor). That shit is a circus and something to be experienced in real time and involved with. You can check this new USVS the Buff visual the Gawdz have blessed us with this Friday, and while your at it, subscribe to Mr. GoldMasks Youtube and get busy with the Gawdz on the Live Stream. They usually stream live at 6pm EST daily. Peace to The GAWDZ.

Phantom Lo$ – Set It Off

I have to take a quick minute to apologize publicly to the next artist. While we were hosting NoEmotion and UsVs The Buff on #CyphLyfeRadio last night, we got a bit wrapped up in the interview portion of the show and accidentally talked all over Phantom Lo$’s new single as we premiered it on our show for the first time. Its really a shame because the record, SET IT OFF, is a fucking banger. Borrowing a warped sample from the classic 80s Disco Classic of the same name, Phantom Lo$ bops on the beat Setting it off on every verse. We at #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio pride ourselves in breaking fresh talent from South Florida and Underground Scenes from across the globe, and we regret that we let this one fall through the cracks last night. We will def be playing this one in rotation for the rest of the Month. Shout out to Agony the Secret Weapon for connecting us with the homie. Give Phantom Lo$ a few spins this weekend and make sure you give him a Sub and let um know WVCC sent you.

Tweets by Phantom_Los305

Follow Brews Beats & Eats in IG to catch the New Live Stream Show weekly.

Matter – Back And Forth

Cipher In The Circle Alumni, MC/BBoy MATTER has just dropped his first official visual for a new bottle rocket of a record called BACK AND FORTH. If you have ever shared a cypher with Matter you know you are going to get Unapologetic Transparency. What I was expecting was the style mastery he displays on the track. Visuals are fresh, bars are on fire. Let me know how you feel it….Fire or Retire. Give the homie a Sub while you at it. Thats family right there. He earned his strips in the circle.

The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady

You might have heard it already, you may have not. New colab between Kidd Cuddy and Slim Shady. I’ve never been a Cuddy fan, and this track doesnt help matters, but Em carries the track past the finish line and the Lyric Video is worth the watch. I’m seeing alot of mixed reviews about his one online. Let me know how you rate it in the Comments below.

Locksmith & Nohokai – Nothin More I Can Say

Ok Ok…I cant leave you on that low point….Here’s a Great Lyric Video to a Great Song. Locksmith & Producer Nohokai join forces to bring us this Epson Salt shot of a record to wake up the most distracted ostrich head. Rhymes are raw and written as if by a report live on the scene. The lyrics on the screen make it easier for us to understand the seriousness of the songs content. Locksmith has been super active during this quarantine and leveling up with every song he releases. Cant wait to hear the next complete album he releases. Nothing More I can say about that.

Alright Folks…thats just a little sum sum to keep your ears busy this weekend. Stop complaining their aint no more good hip hop, and fucks with the people who find that Quality Shit and present it to you weekly.

Dont forget to get that Twitch App and follow us at Spinning the best in Underground & Indie Hip Hop every Tuesday and Thursday – 9-12 Midnight.

See yall next week as we host our first show of Year 2. Lets Goooooooooooo!!!

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